Science and safety

A person of any age tends to cause delight and also to please others. One of the most simple and effective ways is to draw attention by appearance. And here comes the turn of cosmetics. It helps to emphasize the advantages and hide flaws of appearance. Cosmetic products are used by everyone. The usage of certain cosmetic products depends on geography and national traditions.

It should also be noted down that perfumery and cosmetic products directly interact with the human body. They are applied to skin, hair, nails, contact with mucous membranes, and therefore the usage of such products are directly linked to human health and well-being. So first of all, it's the necessity for cosmetics to ensure safety and not to damage the body by any means.

Governments of many countries regulate this issue via technical documentations, different provisions and regulations, setting appropriate requirements for production, maintaining quality level and direct control of product distribution into the markets, following which manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products can take care not only for their health but also about the health of the whole nation.

That's the reason why product safety is the main goal of the industry and relies on the scientific achievements directly.

Science and innovations are catalysts for the industrial development. Every day scientists from different countries work on the new experiments to identify unique and never explored properties that could fullysatisfy the demands based on customer’s needs. And of course, the foundation for the development of science and industries in general is due to the high level of education and awareness among specialists.

Taking into consideration the importance of the development of education and science in Ukraine, one of the activities of APCU was to spread the information on scientific achievements, technical knowledge, best practices on effective technologies for cost reduction implementations, implementation of environment friendly technologies as well as organization of lectures, discussions, seminars and conferences, events for media, consultancy events, with the attraction from local and foreign experts and consultants.