Technical Regulation of
Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry of Ukraine

There is a great quantity of perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and household products manufacturers, that formed perfumery and cosmetics market in last 20 years. They develop their business confidently and are interested in domestic manufacturing improvement. They also want to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian products and customers expectations in safe and effective perfumery and cosmetics product.

New technologies and equipment were actively implemented in perfumery and cosmetics industry in two last decades. The range of products was considerably increased also by using new raw materials.

On a way to the worldwide markets Ukrainian manufacturer has lots of barriers.

Absence of domestic raw materials market has negative influence on the perfumery and cosmetics manufacture. It makes the industry import depending and needs problem solving in external economic, customs and tariff questions. The most important question is technical regulation and ranging of government standards. This will give the opportunity to put everything in order in domestic manufacturing area, to unify and improve basic normative, technical and technological documentation.

European approach to the perfumery and cosmetics manufacturing is a worthy example of responsible attitude to the question of manufacturing regulation and cosmetic products turnover. It provides customers with qualitative and safe products.

National perfumery and cosmetic industry is ready to borrow the European experience and to start harmonization of its own national standards to the perfumery and cosmetics products. It'll help to provide free exchange in European counties as well.

Technical Regulation is the document, that sets general requirements to the product safety and customers information.

We need to join practical and scientific experience and efforts to speed up these important tasks. While we collaborate closely we need to create social responsible programs in the manufacturing area for qualitative and competitive products on the worldwide markets.