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Congratulations to the new APCU member - RAVAGO CHEMICALS UKRAINE LLC!

Ravago Chemicals is a global chemical distribution company with leading positions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

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Ravago Chemicals is a global chemical distribution company with leading positions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

It is a historically family-owned company that values ​​reliable partnerships with suppliers and customers.

RAVAGO CHEMICALS UKRAINE LLC is a subsidiary legal structure of the Ravago Chemicals company, created in 2012 to work in the legal field of Ukraine.

Ravago Chemicals offers a full range of basic and specialty raw materials for a wide range of applications, including ingredients for cosmetics and household chemicals.

Link to website with cosmetics raw materials assortment

Quarantine is not an obstacle to the development of the cosmetics industry!

As part of the International Association Collaboration - IAC, we collect only quality information, involve best international practices and knowledge to inform our members in time. So we could not stay away from the viral crisis that overtook all of us.

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In April-May, the APC together with ISTL held a series of webinars “Safety of the working environment at the enterprise; countering the spread of Covid-19”.

The purpose was to help manufacturers adopt to the new demands of pandemic.

In the process, we, together with the participants, learned how to build a “healthy” production, learned ways to rehabilitate it after quarantine and have already implemented some measures of safety.

We wanna share some comments from APCU members who joined the training:

“Seminars of the series” Safety of the working environment at the enterprise; counteraction to the spread of COVID – 19 “are informative and structured, with specific action plans and methods of monitoring their implementation in enterprises.” ⁃ Watsons Ukraine

“Supermash  considers it appropriate and important to hold these seminars, because life did not prepare us for such tests, and most companies were not ready to work in such conditions. This information helps to avoid the risks of the disease now and in the future, to preserve the health of its employees and find the right, clear way to solve the problem of Covid-19. ” ⁃ Supermash

“Thanks. The seminars were effective, meaningful and very informative. A few advices were implemented in our company. Seminars are useful, I’m waiting for continuation.”
⁃ Astra-Cosmetics

“Wexhold LLC expresses its gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the seminars and provided up-to-date information on the safety of the working environment at the enterprise and counteraction to the spread of COVID-19. We implement and use the advice and experience of the webinar moderator Olena Ramazanova-Stepkina. We express our personal gratitude to the moderator for the accessibility and informativeness of this topic. We support a webinar format that allows industry professionals to gather on one platform to gain knowledge and new useful information while remaining in their safe work environment. ”
⁃ Wexhold

“Webinar” Safety of the working environment at the enterprise; counteraction to the spread of COVID-19 “was useful for Leko Style. One of the key issues discussed at the webinar was the need to conduct internal audits of the company, as well as a description of the adapted procedure for their implementation and corrective action algorithms. It was noted that special attention in conducting internal audits should be focused on compliance with the requirements of control over the prevention of the epidemic: reasonable use of service areas, areas of mass events – meetings, adaptation of production sites, canteens and other public places. ”
“The seminar was useful, all the information was necessary for the further development of the industry and the company. Thank you for your work.
We will be very grateful for keeping us informed about the news of this area. ”
⁃ Leko Style

“First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn and gain the necessary knowledge even under quarantine and self-isolation.04/24/20 was trained on the topic “Safety of the working environment in the enterprise. Counteraction to the spread of COVID-19″The broadcast was organized perfectly, the sound and video quality at the level necessary for perception. The presentation structure is logical, easy to read, and parallel recordings. In general, we are very grateful for holding such conferences! ”

Thank you for the feedback!

One of the main goals of the APCU is to bring Ukrainian production onto international level, so our experts monitor the regulatory climate of the beauty industry in the world and help Ukrainian players in the cosmetics market to adapt quickly to some new conditions.

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on the MAY of 20th The Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics of Ukraine has already held 3rd webinar from current series “Safety of the working environment at the enterprise; counteracting the spread of COVID – 19”

The moderator was Olena Ramazanova-Stepkina, International School of Technical Legislation and Quality Management (ISTL)

Series of webinars were organized and held online.

All participants of the webinars who joined the discussion were able to consider important issues for a modern manufacturer or entrepreneur, in particular:

– the main aspects of the safety system in a working environment;
– an internal audit of the enterprise in the conditions of quarantine and after-adaptation;
– corrective actions

We strive to support our national producer and our participant (APCU) in general, providing information in accordance with current trends. Your opinion and your interest are very important to us!

We`re waiting for feedback and your questions to [email protected]

Thanks to everyone, who joined!

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International cooperation - a modern vaccine for the restoration and development of the cosmetics industry!

Each of the economy world industries and businesses today undergoing significant changes and the beauty industry is not an exception… In today's crisis, the race "pandemic vs cosmetics industry" is increasingly difficult.

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Each of the economy world industries and businesses today undergoing significant changes and the beauty industry is not an exception…

In today’s crisis, the race “pandemic vs cosmetics industry” is increasingly difficult.

Cosmetics and personal care companies strive to provide consumers around the world with safe and effective products in such vulnerable times. However, it is a fact, that personal hygiene products are first and foremost important for human health and essential for maintaining daily hygiene as a protection against the virus.
Therefore, international cooperation is now a preamble to the rehabilitation of the modern cosmetics business. APCU is an equal member of the International Association Collaboration (IAC), which is already taking some steps, stating the need to support perfume and cosmetics production at the govern level and the need for close cooperation with the state regulatory apparatus.

Initiatives of the international industry community in Ukraine are implemented by the work of the APCU. Thanks to APCU our domestic manufacturer has an opportunity to speak in the international arena and to be heard. The Association strives to provide up-to-date information and qualified support to international cosmetic associations, foreign manufacturers, and Ukrainian consumers.

Among issues stated by the IAC:
Modern requirements for technical regulation in cosmetic production;
The problem of some government bans on equipment that could help stop COVID-19, its export;
Priority of detergents and disinfectants;
Update of raw material and packaging supply chains;
Formation among the population of a new culture of consumption in matters of personal hygiene
and many others

According to a global today’s virus, the importance of personal care products for human health cannot be denied.Therefore, along with international associations, APCU supports all interstate sectoral initiatives and advocates for the status of the cosmetics industry as a “life-sustaining” and the inclusion in the state list of critical infrastructure for manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products.

In global cooperation, we are ready for new challenges, ready to defend and implement!

You can find some more about the official letters from the International Association Collaboration (IAC) at the links below:

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